Amir Hosein Asaadi


I am reciving my Master Shaheed Rajaee university(Tehran, Iran), and currently doing neuroimaging research under the supervision of Dr. Reza Ebrahimpour and Dr.S. Hamid Amiri.

I use GLMs to better understand the brain activities in high and low cognitive load while continues multimedia is being played. My main interest is using computational method to do model-driven research on neural data. In addition, I'm intrested in develping and improving methods of analayzing neuroimaging data.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching night sky, hiking/cycling in nature, and learning.

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See my English/Persian blog.

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Analysis of continues EEG data

I have great experience working with EEG data while studying the dynamic and topography of neural components. First I use EEGLAB and its plugins such as Clean Rawdata ASR, ICLabel and Adjust to preprocess the data then I use mTRF toolbox to run cross validation and finding best temporal response function to predict real data. I have learned these by EEGLAB and CNSP workshops.

Working with fMRI and ECOG data

In Neuromatch Academy summer school I had chance to do projecs with an International teams and TAs, We have had team work together, to learn a little about litreture and special concesrs about each kind of data, then load them in Google Colab and try to look and model them with tools such as MNE-Python and scikit-learn.


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Title Supervisor(s) Stage Methods
Effect of cognitive load on Audio Envelope and Word Frequency Dr. Reza Ebrahimpour
Dr. S. Hamid Amiri
Dr. Alireza Bosagh Zadeh
manuscript in preparation
mTRF toolbox
Effect of cognitive load on Semantic Dissimilarity, try multivariate and decoding models. Dr. Reza Ebrahimpour
Dr. S. Hamid Amiri
Dr. Alireza Bosaghzadeh
doing analysis EEGLAB,
mTRF toolbox
Comparing cortical brain activity from real and imaginary movements of hand (Miler dataset - ECOG) Dr. Vladimir Litvak
Dr. Samuel Zibman
Mohammad Rabiei
presented in NMA MNE python
Predicting activities of V4 area from natural images. (Kay dataset - fMRI) Dr. Ehsan Rezayat
Raul Hernandez
presented in NMA scikit learn
Persian hand written digits recognition using machine learning and deep learning tools Dr. Reza Ebrahimpour Passed python
Bachelor finial project: Making an educational multimedia and a hand book for python in Persian Dr. Samira Noferesti Published Latex,
Making educational multimedia
Online library management system Passed